The city of the mosque!

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In transit at Casablanca airport?

Follow our practical guide to prepare your correspondence in the best conditions
Be reassured, your luggage will be saved to your final destination from your departure airport.

If you already have your boarding pass for your connecting flight.

1) Follow the markings on the ground and please pass the police filter in the transit zone
2) You can then access the boarding gate.
3) Please check the information screens at the airport to check your boarding gate

If you are not yet in possession of a boarding pass for your connecting flight

1) Follow the markings on the ground and the signage "correspondence".
2) Please contact the Royal Air Maroc counter at the transit area for your pick up.

Services provided at Casablanca Mohamed V airport for connecting passengers

For your convenience, many facilities are available at the boarding terminal:
To know the services offered by Royal Air Maroc according to your time and types of correspondence, please download below the retail guide:

  • Wifi access unlimited and free

Guide Transit

Prestations et services mis à disposition à l’aéroport Mohamed V de Casablanca pour les passagers en correspondance

Pour connaitre les services offerts par Royal Air Maroc selon votre temps et types de correspondance, veuillez télécharger ci-dessous le guide détaillant

  • Children's play area
  • Prayer space
  • Many cafes, restaurants and shops
  • Business class passengers: a fast police control service and access to the VIP lounge is dedicated to you.
  • Passagers Business class : un service rapide de contrôle police ainsi qu’un accès au salon VIP vous est dédié.
  • Zone de jeux pour enfants

Guide Transit


In order to better know the Mohammed V airport, please download below the map

  • Espace de prière
  • De nombreux cafés, restaurants et magasins
  • Déjeuner au marché central, en plein quartier Art Déco
  • Suivre une leçon d’architecture dans le musée de la Grande Mosquée
  • S’immerger dans les années 1945 au Rick’s Café

Plan de l'aéroport Mohamed V de Casablanca


Pick-up of passengers at a hotel outside the airport is subject to a transit visa or exit permit. In addition, we invite you to inquire about the conditions of access on the Moroccan territory during the transit in CASABLANCA with your travel agency, or to consult our heading by clicking here.

Plan de l'aéroport Mohamed V de Casablanca

In transit at Paris Orly airport?

Any passenger in transit to ORLY South with a continuation from ORLY West must be in possession of either a Schengen visa or a Transit visa. Anyone not holding a valid visa for transit will be turned back.