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Pregnant women

Pregnant women are accepted on Royal Air Maroc lines up to the eighth month of pregnancy at the beginning of their trip.

The passenger must be provided with a medical certificate from a gynaecologist stating the stage of her pregnancy.

A disclaimer must also be signed by the passenger.

Newborn babies

Air travel is not recommended for newborns during the first 7 days after birth.

Premature Babies

Royal Air Maroc has incubators for transporting premature babies in the best conditions and agrees to transport them with an accompanying person, after medical approval and an additional examination by the company doctor. Special rates will be applied.

Three tickets will be issued :

A ticket for the baby: A 50% reduction on the normal adult economy fare. A ticket for the baby: A 50% reduction on the normal adult economy fare. A third normal adult first class fare issued in the name of the baby

Passengers with reduced mobility

Royal Air Maroc pays particular attention to passengers with reduced mobility and ensures optimum comfort, safety and support during the trip. We request that you inform us in advance regarding any disability you have and the level of assistance you require so that we can best accommodate your needs.


New U.S. regulations for the transport of passengers with reduced mobility

Royal Air Maroc offers a wide range of services tailored to your needs (motor/auditory/visual or mental) to facilitate each step of your trip :

Royal Air Maroc offers a wide range of services tailored to your needs (motor/auditory/visual or mental) to facilitate each step of your trip: booking, boarding and disembarkation with the help of our dedicated staff, services and assistance on board.

These services are available when travelling on Royal Air Maroc flights to and from the United States.

New U.S. regulations:

The new U.S. regulation 14 CFR 382 applies to all flights departing or arriving from the New York airport (JFK).

The airports concerned are :

Mohammed V Airport (CMN) at Terminal 3 for departures and at Terminal 2 for arrivals. New York Airport (JFK) at Terminal 1. A copy of the entire regulations can be consulted free of charge (on request). You can also view the rules by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


Reduced mobility (motor, visual, hearing or mental) Do you use a wheelchair or other walking aids?

Royal Air Maroc offers a range of services from booking to disembarkation, for a stress free journey...

Medical Certificate:

You will be asked to provide a medical certificate for the following exceptions :

If you are travelling on a stretcher or incubator
If you need medical oxygen during the flight
If you have a contagious disease
If your medical condition means that you are at risk when travelling without medical assistance during the flight.

Advance notice

In case of specific needs, we require notification in advance on a flight for the following services:

72 hours in advance to request medical oxygen during flight
48 hours in advance to use your own POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator).
Transport of an incubator.
Stretcher (STCR). .
Transport of a group of 10 passengers or more with reduced mobility travelling together.
Transport on board of an animal (dog) for emotional or psychiatric support.
Transport of a dog on board a flight when the duration of flight is greater than or equal to 8 hours.
Transport of a visually and hearing impaired passenger.
Transport of any dangerous material requiring special packaging.

Specific needs:

You can request specific services when booking your trip.

Among the services offered, special meals (gluten-free meals, low cholesterol meals, etc.) can be served on board – remember to mention this at the time of booking

Règlement américain 14 CFR 382 ( PDF - 244 Ko )

Flight Information :

Royal Air Maroc staff are at your disposal to provide all the information to plan your trip in complete peace of mind :

The location of seats with movable armrests by row and seat number. The location of the seats unsuitable for people with limited mobility (exit rows). The availability of equipment, level or lift boarding. Limitations on the possibility of loading, mobility equipment or other equipment in cabin or hold including the loading of wheelchairs
If the aircraft is equipped with accessible toilets.. The availability or not, on board, of the various services for people with reduced mobility